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Piper Archer II – N2085V

The Piper Archer with its stable flight characteristics and simple design make it an excellent trainer and cross country machine. It has enough speed to get you where you want to go, but not too much to get you in trouble. Flying along at 125 knots can be a somewhat leisurely affair, but the Archer still represents a capable cross-country option. For many pilots new to transportation flying, the slow landing speeds, fixed gear and stable flight characteristics of the Archer are welcome alternatives to high-performance airplanes.

  • IFR Certified
  • ADS-B L3 Lynx with Live Traffic and Weather
  • Dual VOR with DME
  • True Airspeed 125 kts

Piper Archer Downloads

 Piper Archer N2085V POHDownload
Piper Archer N2085V ChecklistDownload
Piper Archer N2085V Weight + BalanceDownload
Honeywell KLN 94 GPS User GuideDownload
Century Autopilot II USer GuideDownload
 L3 ADS-B Lynx User GuideDownload


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